NGC 2891 A Galaxy located 30 million LY away in the constellation Andromeda.  Made with a DSI II CCD camera from 10 x 420 sec exposures. The images were taken on August 23, 2009.
Stephens Quintet is a galaxy cluster located 270 million Ly away in the Constellation Pegasus. It contains NGC 7317, 7318a, 7318b, 7319, and 7320.  It is generally accepted that NGC 7320 is a foreground galaxy approximately 35 million LY away. Made from 7 x 420 sec. exposures. Taken  August 23, 2009.

NGC 7331  Galaxy made from 14 x 420 second exposures. This galaxy is located 40 million Ly in the constellation Pegasus. Taken August 23, 2009.

M 51 "The Whirlpool Galaxy" also companion NGC 5195 located  23 million Ly away in Ursa Major.  I imaged it with A DSI II CCD through a meade 10" SCT at f/6.3 and guided with a DSI I on my 80mm f/11 Refractor.  I used PHD Guide to guide. This was made from 14  x 5 minute exposures. Taken April 9,  2010. Note there are 3 other galaxies in the photo down to mag. 17.95.